Monday, December 29, 2014

Blog covering crime in DC will shut down because it costs too much to run, but there must be other ideas!

In a story Monday in the Washington  Post, Annys Shin reports  on the shutdown of a local site, Homicide Watch DC, 

Laura Amico and her husband had run the site for four years, despite moving to Massachusetts.  It cost about $60000a year to run, and used the help of long distance interns.  Laura had worked as a crime reporter in the San Francisco Bay Area, and had created a similar job on her own.

The site did very detailed reporting on every homicide case in Washington, which may explain why it was labor intensive and costly.  By way of comparison, my own blogging has very low cost for the volume of material that it covers.

The couple had approached several  local news organizations, all of which had declined.

A number of similar sites live in some ofher cities. Could there be some economy of scale and an operation to do many cities in one company? Maybe John Walsh would take up this project?

There are some unsolved cases in the area, like Kanika Powell and Sean Green (leate 2008 in Prince Georges County MD).  A thorough crime blog could out a lot of pressure to solve these cases. 

Can I do anything about this myself?  I have to finish my own work first to be of any good to others, I'll elaborate more soon.

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