Friday, November 14, 2014

US Government spying on cell phone conversations with surveillance planes, fake towers

The United States DOJ is using spyplanes (perhaps drones) and fake cell towers to gather cell phone metadata on ordinary Americans, as well as getting more specific information on targets.  It’s called “man in the middle” technology.  The Wall Street Journal has a story by Devlin Barrett on this “Dragnet” technology today (with video) here. It’s also called the “Spy from the Sky” program and is a military program used overseas.

The government will maintain that this is an important tool in gathering intelligence about possible domestic terror attacks, whether Islamist or other sources, like the extreme right-wing.  It would have been used to track down Eric Frein, and might be useful in kidnapping and disappearance cases (just as GPS was used to break a recent kidnapping in Philadelphia)

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