Friday, November 21, 2014

Fake "scholarly journals" pretend to do peer reviews when paid; more on print farms

There is a whole cottage “industry” of “scholarly open access” where “journals” charge writers to publish scientific papers, and pretend to do peer reviews without really doing them. 
The paper “Get me off your f__ing mailing list” really got published by “The International Journal of Advanced Computer Technology”, with peer review by an automated robot.

SOA has a typical story about this particular paper (by David Mazieres and Eddie Kohler) here.  SOA has a list of these “publishers”, compiled by Jeffrey Beale,  here.  IO9 has a humorous account of the incident here.
Joseph Stromberg has an account on Slate of his sting with a print content farm here
I sometimes get requests from people to publish their articles on my blog (I did used to do it on “” on the Readers page), but I always tell them, create their own blog and self-publish, and I will link. 

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