Sunday, November 02, 2014

Checkpoint: when will I get "done" and have time for "interruptions"? Need to build a "portfolio"

Let me reiterate what lies ahead in my “projects”. The idea is to build a portfolio that can get support from professionals in fields like music and film, and to have this collection built by the end of the first quarter of 2015.   
In the music composition work, I’ve pretty much figured out how to use “voices” in Sibelius.  That means I can key in some of the critical sections of my music and make it much more readable.  The most valuable projects are the “Third Sonata” and the “Second Symphony”, which is rather episodic and has many vocal sections.  (More details will come later on the Wordpress blogs.)  Most of this music work would be done in early 2015 after acquiring Sibelius 7.5 and a newer MacOS.  However, under the current environment (with OS 10.6.8 and Sibelius 7.0) I can reasonably produce documents of a few items, including the “Polytonal Prelude”,  “Religioso theme” and an “Applause Theme” from the Sonata, and three interlocked sections of the “slow movement” of the “symphony”.

On the “autobiographical” video work (Oct. 31 posting), I have indeed started filming the pieces: the basic topics, the timeline, and the individual “coercion” episodes.  I do not need to do much editing now, but will need to after the start of 2015.  I have determined that the kind of editing that I need is not very easily accomplished without going to full Final Cut Pro on a newer operating system.  But I should have a little more skill than I do in my current environment. 

On the novel, I have edited about the first five of twenty-seven chapters.   I have not found a reason to renumber and regroup the chapters, but I will make more use of subsection numbers and headings.  Within a few days, I will add (in Wordpress) an overview (above the plot outline) that shows the connections between the characters, government components (USIC, CIA, CDC, FBI, the military, and the like), and the happenings: a bizarre pandemic, and evidence that aliens are indeed preparing public contact with Earth (which at first comes from foreign sources like Russia). 

On the two major screenplays, I will prepare a shooting script (or its equivalent with database documentation) for the major script (“Conscripted”) and a spec script for one other work (“Titanium”).
I have to keep going on these without any major interruptions through the first quarter of 2015.  That’s why I’m pretty unresponsive to pleas to make changes, to “join things”, or even get involved in time consuming medical issues of questionable real necessity.  Yes, disruptions really do matter.
Just a note, again, on comments on the blogs:  they are monitored, and please make them specific to the content of any particular posting.  It’s OK to provide a link to a company or service if that link has something to do with what the blog posting talked about.   But as one can imagine, most comments about weight loss or dating services don’t (usually) have anything to do with a particular posting and get rejected (or marked as spam).   Please, only one copy of any one comment.  
I'll add that on my Wordpress blogs I get some comments (past the Askimet spam filter) that seem juvenile in tone, without trying to advertise anything, but trying to act intimidated by the nature of my material!

There's one other thing. I don't generally publish other people's original essays on my blogs (I get requests);  I normally suggest that someone get a free blog and post his or her piece on that blog and provide a link.  I am interested in joining with other companies or journalists in a more systematic manner, however. Some people are taken back by the idea that I am hesitant to open attachments and jump in the deep end of anyone else's pool.  
And, yes, the common good matters, and the well-being of future generations matters, and these all filter down to generating moral issues.  That will come through in my videos.

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