Tuesday, September 23, 2014

So why do I get an unsolicited large line of credit?

I got an unsolicited “credit card” of sorts from “National Funding” (site), in the mail at my business UPS mailbox.  It offers a $100,000 line of credit for equipment leasing once activated (with a deadline).

I wonder what attracted this “offer”.  Was it the publication of my third “Do Ask, Do Tell” book in February?  It’s nice to see credit card processing offered, but I really don’t have a need to set up a separate credit card operation, and that sounds rather risky given what happened to much bigger fish like Target and Home Depot (and many smaller “free fish” too). 
But the equipment lease sounds more motivated by the existence of my screenplays and my making some detailed postings on my Wordpress blogs in the past few months.  Maybe some people think that a movie like ‘Do Ask, Do Tell: Conscripted” is going to happen, or maybe “Two Road Trips” (including “The Ocelot the Way He Is”), or maybe “Titanium”.  Maybe even “The Proles” from 1969.

So I could feel flattered.
It befuddles people, and probably worries them, that I keep on “publishing” without any interest at all in “the numbers game”.  But remember that’s only possible because of a permissive environment including Section 230.  

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