Sunday, September 28, 2014

So does a social network "by invitation only" (Ello) make sense for less "popular" people?

I actually hadn’t heard about Ello (link ), the “ad free social network” which is “anti-Facebook”, and which you can’t join without an invitation – until today, when I was looking at the Atlanta Constitution online, curious as to why the Atlanta Braves had tanked during the second half of the MLB season.  (Oh, yes, Jordan Zimmermann pitched his no-no to close out the Nationals victorious season today, no doubt inviting ads from the depilatory company.)  The Atlanta paper had a Newsmax story here, along side a litany of the Braves’s woes;  I found a clearer story on CNET here.   Ello is said to be in Beta still.

I don’t really have any complaints about Facbeook’s policies, but I understand how they can affect some people (more vulnerable than me in some areas) when Facebook also “rules the world” (like Vantage in mainframe computing).  I do have a problem with the idea of an “invitation only” site that could imply you have to make yourself “popular” with others before you can be invited to join and be heard.  How would this work for someone whose career and income depended on this kind of "popularity"?  Time will tell if this concept works.   

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