Thursday, September 25, 2014

Incident in Georgia at GOP meeting with blogger Nydia Tisdale may be more subtle than it looks

There has occurred an incident in Dawsonville, Georgia where a woman, Nydia Tisdale (website  ), was arrested in a sequence after videotaping some tasteless remarks by Georgia Insurance Commissioner Ralph Hudgens, with a detailed news story here. Tisdale’s Tumblr blog has a lot of the stories here.

Tisdale says she had permission to shoot the video.  But she was asked to leave and refused.  NBC affiliate Channel 11 News in Atlanta has this story, link here  The station’s mantra is “holding the powerful accountable”. 
But “Peach Pundit” gives another side of the story, here leading to the Forsyth County GOP media policy, here. There seem to be two points:  the sessions occur on private property (or privately leased or controlled) which gives the management some right to control photography and videotaping (just as a bar would have).  The stated media policy seems to require that people who videotape or photograph be paid, professional members of a media organization, not independent “amateur” bloggers just with their own agendas doing it for nothing.  Interesting, and disturbing,    

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