Friday, September 05, 2014

Edward Snowden's leaks allow ISIS to evade US intelligence, possibly pose homeland threat, former NSA head says

The Washington Times ran a front page story Friday by Rowan Scarborough, saying that the ISIS (or ISIL) Islamic State has used information previously leaked by Edward Snowden to evade US intelligence, link here.  An email from TWT on this greeted me this morning as I logged on when getting up. Chris Inglis, a former NSA deputy director, asserts this. 

Admittedly this is a “right wing” paper, and more traditional sites seem to be downplaying the story so far.  But it has often been “conservatives” who have been the most concerned recently about “Obama’s” NSA surveillance,  especially that believed to happen even within US borders.  Now, with the “right wing” talk of existential terror threats possible at home (like EMP or dirty bombs, to give some of the worst possible scenarios), libertarian-oriented people have to discern who the most dangerous threats really are.  They may not be employees at the NSA, CIA, and the like, who these days will even set up booths at gay pride celebrations.
The debate on domestic surveillance will surely go on, however. 

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