Thursday, August 14, 2014

Two reporters briefly arrested in Ferguson, MO, at McDonalds for covering police activity

Brian Stelter of CNN reports that two reporters were arrested in a McDonalds while covering unrest in Ferguson, MO, near St. Louis.  They were Wesley Lowery, of the Washington Post, and J, Reilly of the Huffington Post.

The reporters were later “unarrested”. 

This incident speaks to the issue of journalists (whether from the “establishment” press) or even amateur bloggers to photograph and cover police activity. But there was some confusion as to how the fast food restaurant was closed, whether improperly by police against management's wishes.  
The police also ordered "Stop videotaping. We're down to 45 seconds.  Let's go."  
Picture: Missouri Ozarks, 1980s, estate picture.  

Update: Aug. 17

Vox Media reports that a police threatened to shoot a reporter for videotaping a Ferguson protest!

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