Friday, August 01, 2014

Sometimes you really do need to answer phone calls, despite all the chatter and telemarketing

Well, a word to the wise to open a new month.  Sometimes you do have to take phone calls. 
My cell phone (iPhone) is left on “do not disturb” so often (from movies) that I forget to release it. And I sometimes get telemarketing calls on it, not as many as on mother’s old landline.  These seem to be calls trying to get me to buy marketing services for my books and blogs, so they’re somewhat legitimate. But they come from the world of people who need to support families in a numbers-driven (not content-oriented) media economy.
Yesterday, I was watching a Netflix DVD that had sat here a long tome, at a critical scene, and the ringtone on my shirt pocket went off.  I picked it up.  I had to tell the caller twice that I didn’t understand him, which might have been a function of the quality of the connection (right now, there’s just one bar on my 4G connection in the living room).  I had to suspend the movie, go to the bedroom (where the reception is better, on the west side of the house)  and start the conversation.
This one was very important.  It did have to do with movie possibilities.  I won’t identify the details right now, but I spent about twenty minutes on the phone.  But I might have blown the call off, with poor reception, because of all the sales calls.  It’s a good thing I didn’t.
Sometimes, you do have to become responsive.

By the way, for some reason, my Samsung DVD player didn’t remember where it was in the movie. I had to start over, skip all the previews, get to the right “chapter”.  Small price to pay. 

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