Friday, August 29, 2014

My own "found footage" video(s)

Today, I dug out a six-minute video I had taped as a crude “selfie” in January 2012, at Keyes Gap on Route 9, going into the West Virginia Panhandle from Virginia. 

The video quality is a little grainy and certainly jerky, rather like some personal “found footage” (as if in a “Devil’s Pass”, or maybe leading to a “Blair Witch”).   I’ll get into the issue of editing and reshooting soon on one of my newer Wordpress blogs.  I have run into some issues converting my Sony iMovie videos to YouTube.

Toward the end of the video, there are about two minutes where I speak in my living room, into a Macbook webcam.

The video puts a moral problem forward in the abstract:  should someone who is “different” but individually talented (me) be expected with some special deference to the needs of the tribe or the group?   I do mention the “sustainability” issues (like climate change) and the possibility that enemies could force us to live more collectively.  I also mention the idea that sometimes people do use their freedom (of speech, particularly, or of “refusal”) to promulgate (or at least harbor) what amount to authoritarian values.   It can be a useful exercise to look at how life would remain “worth living” if a calamity (whether from nature, or from an enemy) forces us to change our own personal purposes.   That could generate another video (like this proposal).  (Oh no!)
I can bring back a time when I had started as an inpatient art NIH back in 1962, and my father would chide me as to whether I was willing to “let go of it”. 
Note: from the video thumbnails:  no I don't have a facial or neck skin rash;  that's a technical problem with the video. Looks like a horror movie!

Picture: from the grounds of the Monroe Institute, VA, south of Charlottesville, on Roberts Mountain  (Aug. 23, 2014).  

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