Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Is the "ice bucket challenge" too pushy?

Here are two opposing viewpoints on the “ice bucket challenge” as a fundraising gimmick for raise money for ALS research (link) .   Forbes has a “pro” position by Christine Gibson, link here

But for Time, Sarah Miller writes how she figured out why she hates the Ice Bucket Challenge, link here.  (Video replaced. 2016/10). 


I probably sound a bit scrooge-like, because I don’t like to be confronted by someone for a cause that I haven’t elected.   There are plenty that are on my list.   Yet, a lot of us are not as sociable or as approachable today as we were three decades ago, during the height of the AIDS crisis.   I still go to the walks every year, but I don’t see that it’s necessary to recruit people in advance for it. 

There are other examples of this sort of thing, like the “Be brave and shave” sessions at the Westover Market in the fall.   Some of these cut at previously held “psychological defenses.”   

Update: Aug. 30

The Ice Bucket Challenger has attracted other somewhat negative publicity.  Popular Belgian singer and actor Timo Descamps, living in LA, took the challenge by running into the Pacific Ocean at night and making a selfie, but encouraging the viewer to give to any charity, not just ALS.  

The Dallas Morning News, with a dose of libertarian-style conservatism, writes "Those issuing challenges are not only telling others what causes to support, but are also saying that if they don't, they must suffer a penalty" (link). 

ALS had even proposed a trademark for "ice bucket challenge" but then dropped it.  

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