Tuesday, August 05, 2014

Hotel specializing in wedding parties (in New York State) tries to ban negative reviews by contract

A hotel in New York State – the Union Street Guest House in Hudson – tried to impose fines on parties that make reservations for multiple people, if any guest in a party wrote a negative review of the hotel on any website.  The hotel has been popular especially for wedding parties.  The “fine” was to be $500.   It’s not very clear how it could have been enforced.  Ars Technica has a story by Lee Hutchinson here.  The hotel apparently backpedaled on its Facbook page and claimed that the policy had been “tongue in cheek”. 
CNET has a similar story by Amanda Kooser, link here.

Articles point out that businesses have to play the review game whether they want to or not, as even one or two bad reviews in some cases drive away business.  I often get emails from Angie’s List on specials or to review things (in one case, I didn’t use the particular lawn service and had to remind them that I hadn’t).  

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