Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Contacting major media outlets; on sensitive issues, are they worried about "loose lips"?

I did indeed contact a major media outlet by email and Twitter Tuesday afternoon.  I discussed four major topics that I think need more coverage.  These include the stability of the power grid, filial responsibility laws, paid family leave, and downstream liability for Internet service providers.  I’ve covered these at great length in my blogs. 

I can, of course, name a number of other issues that are critical.  The power grid issue comes up both from a natural (space weather) context, as well as terrorism.   So does the possibility of pandemics.  The “dirty bomb” issue hasn’t been discussed much lately.  I do wonder if these issues are seen as “loose lips” problems by the mainstream press, as if talking about them openly will lead to more adverse consequences from bad actors because there is so little that can be done quickly, or politically. For example, in the past at least one party expressed a concern about the open discussion of filial responsibility laws;  although on the books, like sodomy laws, they tend to be ignored, but coverage of them and tight budgets might tempt states that have them to enforce them.  

I've worked for a media company as an employee once, for NBC, as a mainframe computer programmer on their accounting systems back in the 1970.  I would now want to work independently, most likely, as I have developed so much of my own content and am "retired".   

My value to a media group is the content I can bring to it, in areas not adequately covered, not in the numbers I generate with my own operations. 
Just out of curiosity, I rewatched the Today Show coverage of 9/11 as it happened in 2001.   It took several minutes (until about 8:52) for the first plane hit to be reported, and the coverage was delayed by tacky commercials.  

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