Thursday, July 24, 2014

Uniform laws proposed regarding estate trustee's access to social media and other web accounts of deceased

The Pew Research Center has an important story by Maeve Duggan (May 6) about a “Fiduciary Access to Digital Access Act” (FADAA”, proposed by the Uniform Law Commission (National Conference of Commissioners on Uniform State Laws), story link here, actual law text here.  

Web service companies have been somewhat skittish on the topic, some recently more willing to give estate executors access.  Some could fear liability for material after death if they allow another party access.  I have wondered if service providers someday might require an “in case of” contact with consent from that contact, but I’ve never run into that.

In the video below, John Berlin pleaded with Facebook to be allowed to see a video posted by his deceased son.

The Washington Post has a story by Anna Fitfield July 21 about an expensive “Yahoo Ending” service in Japan, that would send emails to friends after one has died, story here. t seems rather questionable in taste. 


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