Wednesday, July 09, 2014

"Resignation" of blogger defending NFL Redskins's name makes an important point about "objectivity", to me at least

A liberal blogger, Ben Tribbett, had been hired by the Washington Redskins to help sway public opinion toward the team’s keeping its name and the right to claim the name as a trademark.  He resigned after two weeks because of personal criticism, as in this AP story that appeared on ESPN, link  Apparently he sent the resignation on Twitter (link his Twitter name ). Think Progress has a longer history of Tribbett’s career here. There’s a story on my trademark blog about this matter on June 18.

The CBS Sports clip here refers to him as an “employee”, which is certainly misleading.

I can’t imagine being “hired” to promote one party’s viewpoint about something in public.  I’ve always been dedicated to some intellectual honesty and objectivity, a willingness to present all sides of an issue.  I can’t do that if I’m hired by one side of a dispute.  I guess journalistic objectivity is a “luxury” for individual bloggers, some of whom have families to support.

I have been approached to co-write a couple of times (in conjunction with others who fought the past bans on gays in the military) and never quite got out of the circle of telling my own story.  That I would do. And I would love to collaborate in real journalism, and in certain other kinds of film and media projects, which I will be talking about more soon.  
The Redskins had better improve on 3-13 this year.  Picture: Training camp in Richmond, July 2013.  

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