Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Pew study finds turf protection and associated regulation by "legacies" as the biggest threat to the Web

The Switch Blog reports on a Pew survey of 1400 experts on the biggest threat to the Web.  It isn’t cyberterror or malware.  It’s overreaching regulation by governments and greed by companies.  There’s a story by Hayley Tsukayama in the Washington Post Switch blog, here

Some of the biggest threats can come from political pressure from legacy corporate interests, as we said with SOPA, as a great overreach to eliminate piracy.  Another could be a gross erosion of downstream liability protections in areas like Section 230, or copyright.  Overreach could occur with attempts to eliminate or find child pornography by filtering everything.  And the Internet may split into different zones because of filtering and control by countries, and a demand that some data be hosted within the countries.  We already see that with attempts to stop the Arab Spring, and with censorship in China. 

The Benton Foundation has a similar story here.  Pew’s report, “Net Threats”. by Janna Anderson and Lew Raine, is here. We may be fortunate to have as much freedom as we have now.


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