Monday, July 14, 2014

EFF reports that TPP still wants to burden ISP's or service providers with becoming copyright police

Electronic Frontier Foundation is still reporting on the secretive nature of TPP (Trans-Pacific Partnership) negotiations, with the most serious proposal being an requirement or expectation that ISP’s be empowered and indentured with the responsibility to police copyright infringement by users.   EFF presents a Scribd copy of a letter from many companie or signatories shown below in graphics.  This would flood service providers with dubious but time consuming takedown notices above what we have with today’s DMCA Safe Harbor.  This could undermine user-generated content as we know it now.  

YouTube, in particular, does have an automated tool for screening out some kinds of infringement. 
Congress will be taking up copyright term and particularly moral rights in this summer term, according to another EFF story today. 

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