Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Vox Media may be leading the world in content management with its own Chorus platform

Tech Crunch has a write-up, dating back to May 2012, of Chorus, a content management system which apparently has been developed by Vox Media itself, with the location here.  The tool seems to have a wealth of automation features for managing comments (making them into posts when appropriate), assigning and tracking work among bloggers, cross referencing by many layers of subject matter specificity, and most of all simplifying the entry and editing process.  Apparently it automates formatting hyperlinks correctly, and can even check images (and perhaps videos and music, hopefully) for licensing to see if they can be used directly.  
There’s a lot to masticate and digest here.  Since my own work is spread among a few sites created at different eras with different technologies, the cross referencing would be a godsend.  So would the editing. I like to work offline first, but Word, when copied into any blogging panel, generates a lot of unnecessary XML code (line span commands) that creates bugs.  
On the image issue, I’ll mention something specific.  It appears that images from Google maps cannot be used legally.  I was going to submit an outdoor image of my own soon near some specific location and see if I can direct that my image stay in the public domain, so others can use it.  It ought to be possible. 
It’s hard for me to digest how I can use all this quickly, in my own writing practice.  Vox has its own product blog here. I’ve noticed, since starting on Wordpress, that the latter pushes its own tips in a series here,  and it attracts a lot of comments, for English 101.  

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