Sunday, June 01, 2014

NSA ia gathering a facial recognition database from snooping, social media; most of us are on it

The month of June, 2014 opens with a story about the NSA’s collection and analysis of facial images, from intercepted communications and probably social media (including mine), in a front page New York Times story by Laura Poitras (a documentary filmmaker) and James Risen, link here

Personally, I think that facial recognition is tricky.  It’s common for faces to look almost alike.  Remember the look-a-likes for Bill Clinton?

The controversy is likely to make some people even more sensitive about winding up in photographs taken in public places, especially bars and discos.  I would venture to say that not even one of the many handsome faces that I have captured over the years, at festivals, events and discos, would actually be on the NSA’s radar screen.

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