Friday, June 20, 2014

Media reports that major changes in YouTube could affect some independent content creators, but picture is murky

Several media reports indicate that YouTube is changing its program and requiring content providers, at least established companies trying to become program partners, to accept new terms of service or find their material removed. 

It is not immediately clear whether this measure could affect ordinary posters.   The most concerned seemed to be composers of music videos.  The CNET story raised this possibility and indicate there was no real information as to this point. The Guardian examined a number of scenarios.  But Forbes came out and stated baldly that independent artists who did not agree to new agreements would soon have their videos removed. I'm not sure what the term "indie labels" means in these news stories.  Am I an "indie label"?
It is common for videos to be removed for copyright infringement under DMCA Safe Harbor, and for some videos to be excluded by an automated procedure than can detect some infringement. It’s also common for users to remove their own videos, or for videos to become private. Occasionally videos that I have embedded on blogs become unavailable (the embed looks blank) and sometimes when clicked YouTube will return “video does not exist.” 

There seemed to be some concerns over videos that somehow are monetized without requiring the visitor to watch sponsoring ads.
YouTube has its own current rules(for participation in the Partner Program) at this linkYou have to own all the rights to a video’s content (including music) to have monetization approved.  Today, I posted some videos and was invited to look at these links.  

I have not yet tried to monetize any videos.  Most of my videos are very short clips taken at demonstrations or at QA sessions after film screenings, and these don’t seem appropriate.  But I expect to be creating larger documentary videos soon, and these would probably be appropriate.
This is an issue where comments from someone who knows the actual facts in detail would help. 

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