Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Hillary Clinton talks about service and "walking in the shoes of others" at Newseum Town Hall

Hillary Clinton held a Town Hall in CNN tonight (at the Newseum) discussing her book “Hard Choices”. Yes, it’s easier to sell book instances (copies) if you are already a celebrity by competing normally.

Someone asked Hillary about whether she favored mandatory national service or a draft.  She said she doesn’t favor resuming conscription because the volunteer military system works, but she noted that in the days we had a draft, men (not so much backgrounds) from different cultures and backgrounds had to learn to communicate with one another and walk in the shoes of others.

She did note that about one percent of the population makes the “sacrifices” associated with military service, and these sacrifices leave them isolated from others.

She said she thought we could achieve the same idea – a reduce social tensions that may contribute to crime – with national service, but we would have to find ways to make it practical.  Although it sounds reasonable to combine national service with some sort of program to relieve student debt or provide scholarships. 

In fact, volunteer service overseas outside of the military is becoming more difficult and dangerous because political stability has deteriorated in many countries, and anti-gay attitudes have gotten worse.

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