Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Forking in software development can lead to tricky licensing situations (WordPress story)

While getting ready to do some more Wordpress blogging, I came across a few critical terms.  I won’t restate all the arguments here, but it’s important to know what a GPL (Global Public License) is, and what is is not, as explained by Lawrence Rosen on Sitepoint here. This is related to a practice in software development called “forking”, explained in Wikipedia here.  All of this came out of some WordPress (“WP Tavern”) news about a DMCA Takedown notice associated with WordPress Database Migrate Plugin by Brad Touesnard, of a Github page hosting the plugin (story ).  Apparently the Plugin had used a copyrighted documentation (README) file without permission, in a way that did not affect the product. 
All of this is pretty complicated, and will make software developers wary. 

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