Wednesday, May 28, 2014

FTC wants Congress to let it regulate data brokers, let consumers control information "onboarded" about them

The Federal Trade Commission is recommending that Congress pass legislation requiring data brokers to become more transparent and let consumers control what is kept about them, an enlargement of “do not track”.  The Press Release is here

The Washington Post has a detailed front page story by Craig Timberg, Wednesday, May 28, 2014, “What do firms know about you? FTC would pull back the curtain,” link here.  A relevant term is “onboarding”, which allows retailers to load external information to broker profiles.  For example, when I visit an AMC or Regal cinema site, my cookie probably tells the site that I have loyalty cards for both chains.  I haven’t notice that this affects the ads I see.  But I have noticed when I travel (as I just returned from a trip to the South) that even on a notebook computer (not just my cell phone and iPad) websites seem to know where I am.  I see ads for the city or area in which I am staying.  It’s conceivable that this could become a home security issue after hacking.   

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