Sunday, May 11, 2014

An accidental Mother's Day message; can you "make it on your own"?

I caught an interesting televangelist sermon on ABC this Mother’s Day, “Leaving a Godly Inheritance”, by Charles Stanley, link here. The topic is certainly relevant to me given how I “landed” at the end of 2010.

I won’t get into the specifically religious aspects of the sermon, but he did say a couple of things that were very important.  One of these is “You didn’t succeed entirely by your own efforts.  You didn’t get there by yourself. You had a mother to serve you.”  Does this fit in to the idea of service as “who you are” (April 1)?  It sounds like it.

Yet, I think service is a way to sell oneself, maybe even a necessary part.  But it has to do with the focus on what “you” can do, before there is too much concern on who the other person is.  It is very hard in practice to differentiate between needs and shortcomings.


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Bill Boushka said...

I think that the Biblical reference in the comment for Monday's post (May 12, following this one) actually fits this post instead.