Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Student recording a bullying incident at school on iPad faced wiretapping charges!

A student at a Pennsylvania high school, South Fayatte in McDonald, recorded a bullying incident in his special education math class.  He was then prosecuted for felony wiretapping, before the charge was reduced to disorderly conduct.  The school apparently showed no interest in disciplining the students doing the bullying.  The American Conservative has a link for the story here.  The recording had been made on a school-issued iPad. 
When I worked as a substitute teacher, I found it very difficult to enforce the rules of others in situations where the rules seemed unnecessary or simply a way to maintain a consistent chain of authority.  It was difficult for me to step in to “somebody else’s” chain of command and be believed.

The article presented a country-western item by Pete Seeger, “What did you learn in school today?


McDonald is SW of Pittsburgh, maybe thirty miles from the school where the knifing incident occurred.  Schools feel they are between a rock and a hard place when it comes to security, having to strictly enforce rules that backfire.  
Picture: Washington, PA, Nov. 2012 (my trip)

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