Sunday, April 06, 2014

Media outlets, and even bloggers, may egg on unstable people into life-ending gun vengeance for celerbity

Army Spc Ivan Lopez had “ranted” on Facebook about the way the media glorifies “villains” who seek public revenge, an irony given that Lopez did the same thing himself at Fort Hood. 
CNN has a story that gives details about the Facebook post here.   He refers to Adam Lanza as having sough “publicity and their (his) minute of fame as a villain”, and then refers to shooters as “intelligent cowards”.
But the Washington Times, in an op-ed by Jeffrey Scott Shapiro, vets the same sentiments, that the media is encouraging narcissistic people to seek fame as the vent their angry on those who “victimized” them, or others in related classes of people, “Fort Hood and the celebrity of suicide: America’s fascination with mass killings eggs on the next shooter”, link here.

Shaprio writes, “We have to actually start exercising our own discretion by what we watch on television, and what we say on social media and how we interact with others without being force to do it.”

I wonder if in some of these cases the young men felt they had been humiliated repeatedly for not being able to keep up in doing certain kinds of things expected by others.  

One of my first “tricks” ever, on New Years’ Night back in 1976, said that his biggest concern in the world was “the abuse of the media”.  That was in the days long before self-broadcast and blogging. 

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