Monday, April 14, 2014

EFF challenges Ninth Circuit takedown, gag order on "Innocence of Muslims" copyright case as precedent-setting giving in to bullying

Electronic Frontier Foundation has more news about the “Innocence of Muslims” case  Apparently the normally liberal to temperate Ninth Circuit ordered that the YouTube video with the supposed 5-second "copyright clip” be kept off the web even though the Circuit agreed that the copyright claim sounded weak and dubious, and it even issued a gag order, preventing Google from talking about the case for a full week.  The EFF article on its amicus brief (linked) is here.   It called this a “dangerous” even if temporary ruling.  

The gag order obviously was motivated by overseas security concerns for the subject.  But giving in to it would allow extremists to bully speech off the Internet merely by making physical threats.

It appears to me that the film is back on YouTube now. 
In the video above, Jeff Waldorf speaks about the case for TYT Nation.
Picture: Friday, near Sugarload Mountain, notice a touch of David Lynch in the picture? 

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