Thursday, April 03, 2014

Craigslist may facilitate theft rings, but it also helps police run stings to foil criminals

Thieves are trying to sell stolen items on Craigslist, and police are setting up stings on Craigslist to catch them.

The latest example happened recently in Laurel, Maryland (half way between Washington and Baltimore).  A man found all the wheels and rims removed and was able to identify them on Craigslist (it’s not completely clear how he knew they were his).  He called police, who set up a sting to buy the items and arrested the thief.

A typical Craigslist page for auto parts is here.  I see the map link, but the pic links didn’t seem to work when I looked. 

The problem seems to be particularly true for wheels on certain model cars.   I can remember, when living in Dallas, that “T Tops” were popular with thieves in the 1980s.  But some people will see this kind of crime as inevitable in a world with this much "inequality", although the insularity is certainly less.   

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