Sunday, March 23, 2014

Writers debate the "it's free" problem; mention of Writers Emergency Assistance Fund

Wordpress has a valuable debate on the issue of “writing for free” (and saying what you want), and being paid to write what others want.  The columnists are Julie Sweiterst Collazo, Caitlin Kelly, Kristen Hansen-Brakeman, and Deborah Lee-Luskin, link here.
I had never heard of the Writers Emergency Assistance Fund (WEAF) before, link which Caitlin supports.
The writers generally look askance at writing for free (Julie mentions “The Huffington Post” as guilty) and thinks that the practice (by those who don’t need the immediate income or have other wealth) harms writers who need to get paid for a living. On the other hand, writers who aren’t already celebrities need to write for free and develop a large Internet presence to attract agents and paying clients.  

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