Wednesday, March 05, 2014

New mobile app enables "ordinary people" to sell photos to big media

ABC News has a story on a way people can make money selling their “amateur” photographs with a cell phone app called Foap.  The link for the story is here
The story pointed out that pictures with people in them need the permission of the subjects taken.  Legally, people usually have a right to take non-commercial photos in most public places (subject to property owner rules in privately owned places) but that is creating ethical dilemmas – unwanted photos of others showing up in social media, tagging, and particularly the paparazzi, especially when they take pictures of celebrities’ children.  That very issue was debated this evening on Access Hollywood.  
There is a ruling from the Massachusetts Supreme Court that taking "upskirt" photos in public is legal as long as the subjects are not nude.  A lot of people think the law in photography has too many loopholes. 

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