Friday, March 07, 2014

National Museum of Crime and Punishment has display of ICE, including domain seizures

The National Museum of Crime and Punishment near Verizon Center in Washington DC now houses a small exhibit from ICE, Immigrations and Customs Enforcement.  The exhibit started March 5, 2014 and runs through December 2014.  It has two small rooms.

The most controversial part of the exhibit concerns “intellectual property.”  ICE brags that it can interdict the commerce of counterfeit goods, and displays counterfeit Superbowl rings and tickets, Rolex watches, and Rosetta language learning.  It also displays the strike page that appears when ICE seizes a web domain because some users on it have been trafficking in counterfeit goods. 

The problem with this practice is that it can shut down an entire site for the wrongdoing of one or a few users.    
I had visited the museum in 2008 (see movie review of short on “Americas Most Wanted” on movies blog, Oct. 6, 2008), but it seems a lot more displays have been added.


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