Sunday, March 09, 2014

Blogger in Alabama jailed in contempt case over bizarre blog; compared to jailings in totalitarian countries; more on one of my own past "cases"

In Alabama, there is a case where a blogger has been arrested and incarcerated for contempt of court and resisting arrest.  The details of the case of Roger Shuler are bizarre, and are summarized in a story by Campbell Robertson Jan. 11, 2014, in the New York Times, link here

The blog was motivated by a property dispute a few years ago, and grew into various kinds of attacks on political figures, mostly on Republicans.
It’s amazing that Shuler, impoverished, carried on his blog “from the library” (where “it’s free”). Yet now Shuler seems to join the company of jailed reporters in China, Iran, Syria and like countries.
The blog, "Legal Schnauzer", is an ordinary one on Blogger, and is still up, link here. Apparently there are no TOS issues with it.
I don’t personally get involved in personal attacks, so I seem to have stayed less scathed (except for that one incident in 2005 when I was substitute teaching, for which the latest news is here on my new footnotes blog, link. (prev. July 27, 2007) 
I’ll just mention another Blogger blog tonight, “Behind the Blue Wall”,  a detective blog that, among many other topics, looks at some disturbing crimes recently in northern Va., link here.  More news in this area will come out later.  

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