Saturday, March 22, 2014

Another company advertises heavily that it can help repair online reputations

Another online reputation management company, “”, has been advertising aggressively on television recently.  According to Wikipedia, it was founded in 2009, and used to be called “Reputation Changer” and is located near Philadelphia.

Wikipedia says that it can create content to place favorable material visibly in search engines and will sometimes work with search engine companies to remove false statements made on ratings sites, especially by those thought not to be customers. 

I did “join” Angie’s List a few months ago in order to get the names of possible contractors.  I seem to get a lot of aggressive email ads from them.  I do not write reviews on ratings sites, however.  I will mention a (contractor) company unfavorably on a blog regarding my own experience only when there is already a pattern of credible negative comments with similar complaints by many other people online. When I do so, I’ll generally try to make specific suggestions as to what should be done to improve service.  I do make gentle comments about some public accommodations, like how good a job of sound and movie projection I find in a particular theater in my movie reviews.  And I will discuss past employment and (in one major incident) educational (college) experiences when the outcome had a major impact on the course of my own life. 

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