Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Think twice about paying for marketing campaigns for blogs or social media pages

I get plenty of emails about schemes to promote my site or Facebook page. 
At least one blogger and podcast operator, for Veritasium (which comprises many YouTibe channels like “Smarter Every Day”), found that he got 80,000 bogus Facebook likes when he paid for a campaign like this.  They came from click farms overseas.  Obviously, they dilute the meaning of “Likes” or the theory of “Likeonomics”. Further, the operations cover their tracks like “liking” a lot of unrelated material.
The story by Brian Fuller, in the Washington Post Switch Blog, is here

So I look askance at constant calls and emails trying to get me to “quantify” my own publishing for the bean counters.  I think that leveraging the “low degrees of separation” idea works better.  Maybe that's not playing fair! People have to make a living! 

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