Tuesday, February 11, 2014

"The Day We Fight Back Against Mass Surveillance": old style solidarity? This reminds me of Mother Jones

Today I’ll pass along that Tuesday, February 11, 2014 is “The Day We Fight Back Against Mass Surveillance”, with the master link  (website url) here.

Electronic Frontier says there are over 7000 calls so far.

This appears to be a call-in (like in activism of the 1970’s).
The script invites you to supply a phone number to connect you.
I generally do not participate in sending mass prewritten letters or calls, because I write my own letters to legislators, so participation in mass calls and write-ins would dilute what I say when I originate it. 
I did place the automated post on Twitter (which will forward to Facebook and my “Do Ask Do Tell” site) and Google+.  I then wrote an original post about something else (this time, about Shaun White at the Sochi Olympics) to underscore that I rarely send prewritten appeals, but might once in a while.
I do carry the graphic of the “Internet Defense League” on my “Do Ask, Do Tell” site, but I had to disable its embedded javascript code some time back when it started acting up and interfering with getting to the rest of the site.  I rarely post scripts on my own sites for organizations, even when very reputable, because I have a bad experience (with disruption) from doing so.

Yes, I guess I don't like to play foot soldier, even for my friends.  The solidarity game gets to be a big deal, doesn't it.  Not every singleton can stay in the limelight and get noticed for himself.  Why not step down and play buddy for someone?  I get the drift of the new invitation. 
As for the NSA issue, let’s not forget that “real enemies” (religious extremists, or those on the far Right or far Left) may be much more dangerous to the Web (and especially the power grid, for anyone following the Wall Street Journal these days) than the NSA and CIA.  

Update: Feb, 12

Brian Fung writes on the Switch Blog that is is a bigger fight than SOPA/PIPA, here

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