Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Freedom Works files big class action against President Obmaa, many others, over NSA spying; I may be on the radar screen now

Freedom Works president Matt Kibbe has joined Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) and Ken Cuccinelli to file a class action lawsuit naming president Barack Obama, National Security Agency Chair Keith Alexander, Director of National Intelligence James Clapper and FBI Director, trying to limit government domestic spying. 
The press release from Freedom Works is here.
The text of the complaint is a pdf, here (accessed from the Constitutional Defense Fund site, equated to Freedom Works.  
There will certainly be more details soon.
Just recently, a lot of my cell conversations have gone to the Philippines, regarding work on my upcoming book.  I suppose that the NSA tracking would pick that up, just because it is overseas and unusual for me.  Does that worry me personally?  No, but I can see how it could worry the other side of the call line.  Many companies do their grunt work offshore.

And who is the biggest supporter of the new Infinity Machine, or Quantum Computing.  Besides Google (there’s a lab somewhere in the Silicon Valley, and maybe other ones in Texas, Virginia and North Carolina), it would be the National Security Agency.  That would make the whole idea of password protection and conventional encryption obsolete.  But maybe it could one day make DMCA copy protection obsolete, too.  See the latest issue of Time (it doesn’t hurt to buy print once in a while, and support some jobs).   

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