Friday, February 21, 2014

British, US governments try to find ways to spy on web visitors to leaked classified content

The US and particularly British governments are trying to monitor visitors to sites or webpages that host leaked classified information, according to a story by Gleen Greenwald and Bryan Gallagher on “The Intercept”, link here

The British counterpart to what amounts to a combination of NSA and CIA functionality would be the GCHQ.
It’s not illegal in the US for a person without a clearance to publish classified information that falls into his lap, because of the First Amendment.  So there could sometimes be incentives to get people prosecuted in other countries.   Of course, it would be illegal to hack to obtain classified information in the first place.  How did “The Social Network” start: “Let the hacking begin.”
My posting of the embed of Bradley Chelsea Manning’s illegal video on my “cf” blog in April 2010 is still out there.  No one has complained.    

Update: Feb. 27

CNN reports about operation "Optic Nerve" from the NSA and British spy services, testing facial recognition software on random visitors to Yahoo! through their webcams;  some nudity was captured;  there was no connection to persons selected and any parameters related to meta-data indicating possible terrorist connections, or to classified material access or republication.     

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