Monday, January 13, 2014

New blogs to support my "DADT III" book -- on Wordpress

I thought I would bring visitors up to date on the “Do Ask, Do Tell III” book and particularly on the incremental website changes that will accompany it.

I do have galley proofs from the publisher, and expect to have completed reviewing them by next week.  I also have to write some answers to general strategic questions for future press releases.

I have developed two new Wordpress blogs, each attached to a domain name, which the visitor (even if brought here by Steven Soderebergh and Godfrey Reggio) can see at my “” site, along with a “Content Navigation Guide”, which will enable the visitor to peruse the books and all the detailed footnotes, accumulated over the years, in a sequence that follows from the actual books (and closely related original essays). 

The two sites will be called “Do Ask Do Tell Notes” and “Bill’s Media Reviews”. So far, I like what I see of Wordpress, although a few features were a little obscure at first.  I still would like it to show the time of my postings, and display the labels and archive lists on the iPad.  Maybe I just haven't found out how yet. 
The “Notes” site will contain detailed footnotes for material that is covered in the books.  They may, for example, update major legal cases involving issues like copyright, surveillance, or service provider downstream liability (Section 230 and DMCA Safe Harbor), or social issues like gay marriage and the “don’t ask, don’t tell repeal” (which we hope “stays down” whatever future politics brings).  In the beginning, they will provide more chronological details about some specific key incidents in my life (the William and Mary Expulsion, the NIH “hospitalization”, the “Conflict of Interest”, the “Implicit Content” issue that arose when I was substitute-teaching).  They will also try to drill down to “what do “they” want from me?”, “what do I want?” and why is the latter so disturbing to certain other people.  Answering this will require another close-up on my original family life.

The “Media Reviews” will emphasize aggregation by topic.  In the beginning, I expect to cover some older TV series at a high level, many of which no longer air (like “Smallville” and “Everwood”), and some collections of films, TV series and books (intermingled) about hot topics (DADT, NSA surveillance, Wikileaks, and particularly technological sustainability in areas like climate change and stability of the power and communications grid in the face of “enemy” and natural threats (“nature” may be the biggest enemy in the end). In time, I’ll “review” all my own efforts of writing fiction over the years (about 10 novel drafts and 5 feature screenplays) and show how to winnow it down to something manageable. 
I can hardly wait to become a “Visitor” to the Moon in Black and White.  Actually, I would prefer to go to Titan.  Light can take as little as 69 Minutes to get there.

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