Wednesday, January 08, 2014

Nametag app ups the ante on photography of people in public

The ante is going up for appearing in public places, maybe, as Nametag releases an app that can, using facial recognition software in Google Glasses or some of the latest smart phones, can bring up Facebook profiles of people whose faces it recognizes in public places, or can even check state sex offender registries.  (“Run the other way!, the following video advises.)
There is a story on Venturebeat here
Washington DC ABC affiliate WJLA reported about the product on the midday news today.
Although the Google Glasses part may be a way off, the development on mobile phones could make cell phone photography in public, especially in bars and discos, increasingly more sensitive.  (See my posting on my LGBT blog Dec. 10, 2013.

I frequently see faces that I think I recall from other locations (possibly grown students from my days as a substitute teacher, or possibly from the clubs) at various locations, as in northern Virginia.  I wouldn't want my phone automatically scoping and identifying them.  Would you?  
The back page of the January 2014 issue of “Wired” features a “board game map” to wearable devices.  Remember back in the 1990s, Omni Magazine described a full-body skin contact datasuit.  Imagine the wearer underneath. 

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