Monday, January 20, 2014

More strategic planning, and some of it needs to be in plain sight

I want to recap the upcoming work that visitors will see, along with some behind-the-scenes stuff.
I’ll be processing any tweaking of proofs of my DADTIII book, which I now expect to appear on e-commerce sites in a few weeks
In the meantime, I am posting some critical detailed footnotes about some specific episodes in my life on my new “Do Ask, Do Tell Notes” site, and it will go into a few items with a degree of candor I have not used before.

On the new medias blog, I’ll be providing some summaries of media activity in some specific areas (like DADT itself, the marriage issue, censorship and liability issues on the Internet, and infrastructure security).
I have a manuscript of a novel and of at least three feature screenplays that I think are workable.  After finishing all work on the DADTIII  book, I expect to set up a formal review and 3rdparty edit of the novel in order to get it submitted.  Part of the review consists of looking at all my older manuscripts back into the 1980’s (as well as “The Proles” from my Army days in 1969) and showing the changes in plot threads, and the ways in which the stories overlap (almost as if part of a soap opera).  I don’t  have a “Sami” but I do have something like a “Will and Sonny” although the circumstances are very different than in thre NC Soap “Days of our Lives”.
I have put up most of music online “piecemeal”, but I would like to set up an effort to record the 1962-1974 “Third Sonata” (it was done crudely on DAT tape in 1991). That will require Apple and Sibelius sofeware upgrades  and the help of others.
I also will make an informal documentary video, outlining the “book” I would write if I were to start over and not add on to a series.
All of this is a lot of work.  The nature of the material requires open (“everyone”) mode of publication of much material (like the blogs and Twitter feed).  Whitelists are effective in reaching a known significant audience, but it is not sufficient to attract new friend and potential “consumers”.  Speaking out  on issues requires that my real identity be known and open to some generic degree (as Facebook and many other sites now require anyway), even if some would say that identification (as opposed to anonymity) could increase security risks.  You cannot be effective as a victim or as “Mr. Nobody” (iike the movie); people have to know you (Oh, like Donnie Darko).  
There is, of course, a lot of communication that is private and more specific as to some possible sensitivities, of a business nature or involving specific other parties. These remain out of sight and are not posted to “whitelists” at all.  

My own communications are tuned to my knowledge of various parties' interests and situations. This kind of selective selling cannot be accomplished by usual commercial cookie-cutter marketing. I know, it doesn't help other people make a living on commissions. 
Again, there is something to self-instantiation – becoming one’s own “java constructor” – without experiencing the risks of taking care of others in the meantime, an activity that in a real world is not always and should not necessarily derive from the “Axiom of Choice”.  I see some issues coming that will probably compel more attention from me than I have been giving them (or others) in the past three years, since my mother’s passing. But I cannot be effective in person (let alone in a “relationship”) without doing my homework (“les devoirs”, or “la terea” or “deberes”) first, and some of it is in public more, like at a Wifi café.

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