Monday, December 09, 2013

"Upworthy" does have an interesting way to get attention -- play up karma

I saw tweet from a music friend about a curious  and venturesome site called Upworthy last night during the “ice storm” – everything for me stayed up, but it ddn’t for some people, so life is “unfair”. These are "things that matter", to be passed along. 
Upworthy trolls the Web for good motives, it seems.  It looks for morally compelling content, tests it on an audience, and then blasts the best “performers” onto social media, attracting visitors to its own site. 
I looked at a couple of the Vimeo videos.  One of them was about children under 12 working in produce fields in Mexico, and has a headline to make us believe that when we buy and eat healthful fresh vegetables, we are exploiting the slave labor of children overseas.  Another video took off on the theme of the movie “Inequality for All” (Movies, June 24, 2013), showing that the skewing of wealth is much greater than people either know it to be or believe it should be. 
The site is also using funds from the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation to distribute content on global poverty.
Atlantic has an article (by Derek Thompson) describing how the site works. 
I must say here that, given the pressure I get from bean-counters to try harder to “sell” my own issue-oriented content, the concept of the site is interesting,
I just did a “Like” on Upworthy on Facebook, so I guess their selected stories will show up in my newsfeed.   I’ll see how it really works. 

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