Monday, December 02, 2013

"Politically incorrect" post on another's Facebook page viewed as "hate speech", results in temporary suspension of account

Maria King’s Facebook post, essentially saying that people with certain physical attributes (have to do with body mass index) should not be proud of their bodies, created quite a furor over political correctness – or inversely, when political incorrectness gets perceived as hate speech.
King wrote a comment to that effect on the page of Curvy Girl Lingerie.  There seemed to be an issue that CGL objected to the comment on its page, even of the comment would have been acceptable elsewhere, as on King’s own page.  Nevertheless, King’s Facebook was suspended for two days.  It was restored, but the comment was removed. But she was told she could post it on her own page if she wished.

The Examiner has a story about the incident here
My own sentiments would be with King.  But I have found in my own life, that once I have “broadcast myself”, others tend to take insularity or indifference as hostility.  An unwillingness to consider a person with some surface attribute as a potential intimate person is itself seen by some as a kind of disapproval or even indirect “hate”.  

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