Thursday, December 26, 2013

"Meta-Blogging 101": I start restructuring, with two new Wordpress blogs

I am gradually restructuring my websites to guide the visitor’s focus on two major areas.  This activity is commensurate with the process to publish my “Do Ask. Do Tell III”, which I discussed on my Books blog on Dec. 12.   

The first of these is “primary content navigation”, which is best followed from a single link on my main site, here.

The various books and essay collections that I view as primary content (going back to 1996) can be tracked to footnotes.  Newer materials (the “III” book above will be maintained with a new “Do Ask, Do Tell Footnotes” blog, which I have created today with Wordpress, with “Blue Host”, primary link here.
The general concept is that one should be able to navigate through my writings and drill down to detailed supporting notes, and that these notes on newer materials will be maintained on this blog.  Most issues of concern to me have been addressed in one of my books or primary issues, so this view of navigating my work should take the visitor through most of my issues in quite a lot of detail.  I have one post to introduce the blog, and the domain is here.

The other blog will give me the ability to correlate books, movies, television series, musical works, and various other live performance events by issue topic.  Starting in January 2014, many films or books that are heavily topical (as to political or social issues) will be reviewed here instead of on Blogger.  A webpage will be provided (on doaskdotell) to enable to visitor to easily correlate posts by topic or label among the various blogs and sites.  I expect to cover the “treatments” of my own new media projects (music and video, and “the novel”) on this blog, also, link here.   

 Since I have so many different domains and sites, I find it is necessary to organize material “logically” rather than physically (much like a database, especially the old IMS mainframe product).  There is no one vendor that is optimal in all parameters (stability, speed, ease of use, reputation, etc) at all times in all circumstances, and different services and vendors have opposing strengths and weaknesses.  So I find I need to take this approach.

I spent a couple hours today setting this up on Wordpress with the BlueHost service (in Utah).  There are some teething problems, and there is a learning curve, because Wordpress (as implemented by webhosts) has quite a different look and feel than Blogger.  For example, on the “Notes” blog, the first post title doesn’t appear because of some issue with the WP “aside” feature which I don’t get right now. It looks like I have to download the stats package from the “Jetpack” plugin set (link).

I will have more details on how to use this once I have done a couple of “meat and potato” postings and ironed out some issues.  I’ll spread a little good cheer about this on Twitter, Facebook and Google-plus soon, too. 

Over time, I expect fewer “small” postings on Blogger, and more use of the “Book Navigation” concept to cover all the issues.  One reason is, frankly, pressure to work better with the commercial side of the media industry which does have to make money, even from me. 

So, "Oh, No-no", more blogs?  The fix for talking too much is more speech?  Be careful what you wish for, and be careful of what you try to remove.  

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