Thursday, December 19, 2013

Local news blogs seem to do well for "amateurs"

I recall that a woman tried to start a local LGBT newspaper in Minneapolis around 2002 and pleaded, from writers, for strictly local stories.   I even covered the LGBT content in a Twin Cities film festival in a submission.
Amateur bloggers are turning to local news and providing a tremendous amount of coverage. According to a news story on the Switch Blog of the Washington Post on Thursday morning by Timothy B. Lee, list here.    An example is the “Prince of Petworth” blog by Dan Silverman, link here.
I sometimes cover local stories in my blogs when they illustrate issues that can occur anywhere.  For example there have been stories in Washington DC about closing bars (usually “straight”) after violent acts occur on the premises or nearby, and there have been stories about resistance of neighborhoods to new liquor licenses.  These could obviously have an effect on clubs that I do go to in the future.  Another issue of concern to many residents is redevelopment – the eviction of tenants when leases end so that buildings can be converted to condos for people with “more money”. 
Can someone make a living off a “local blog”?  That would be hard to tell from what I see, but it seems that local advertisers (especially real estate agents) like them.  
I don't agree that all news is local.  But "morality" starts with the individual and moves out. 
Picture: Not the greatest, but it's a new McDonalds (shot to not get people in the picture) off I-95 near Thornburg VA, north of Richmond, from a recent trip.  The chain has been rebuilding a lot of its restaurants.  Why?  

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