Friday, December 06, 2013

Ethical controversy over "paying" for book and even movie reviews continues

Is it all right for self-published authors to pay for reviews?  Some companies sell the service.  The same question could be posed for small independent filmmakers, too.

There’s another question, should you review authors or filmmakers you know?  I sometimes do that, by only on my own initiative, in my “informal” blogs.  More often, I pick content to review based on the importance or timeliness of any issues the media takes up.  It really doesn’t matter whether I “know” or “like” the creator or not, but sometimes I do.
I should mention that I do get invited to watch screeners from a few independent film distributors.  I always note if I reviewed a screener, and the invitation does not affect what I will say about the film.
The Alliance of Independent Artists (AIA) hosts a debate between Amy Edelman from Indie Reader (IR) and Orna Ross, link here
And here’s a column from “Lit Reactor”, by Erick Wecks, from Dec. 7, 2012, “Why I Paid for a Book Review and Why I Won’t Do It Again”, link

A quick check on previous reports on this issue (back in 2012), suggest that Yelp and Amazon have indeed tried cracking down on "opinion fraud".
I know the “DADT III” book coming down the pike (a lot more details soon) is dense.  It has to be, for the record.  I know a lot of reviewers would question my “motives”.  We’ll see. 

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