Friday, December 13, 2013

Entertainment site showing Prince Harry's South Pole "walkabout" actually requests permission to install tracking cookies

For the first time that I can recall, a website has asked me for permission to install tracking cookies.  It did so in all three of my browsers in Windows 8 (Google Chrome, Firefox, and Internet Explorer 10).  On all three, I got a message that I had to approve the site’s use of its cookies.  Webroot Secure Anywhere did not object.  The message refers to a government rule passed in 2011 (I think from the UK).   
The site was Entertainmentwise, an article by Esi Mensah on Prince Harry’s blog of his fund-raising hike to the South Pole in Antarctica.  The link is here
The purpose of the trip is to raise money for disabled British military veterans.

Does this example show how a stricter implementation of "do not track" would work in practice?  Do US webmasters need to look at this now? 

You can try the site, to see if you get the “opt in” permission.  You will be bombarded with ads and sound, even though this looks like a perfectly legitimate and wholesome news story.  

By the way, I just found a trove of my late mother's pictures of her trips to Panama, Hawaii, Northern Ireland, London, Copemhagen, and Madrid, all in the 1990s.  Tomorrow, Dec. 14, marks the third anniversary of her passing on 2010.  

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