Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Do book self-publishers want to distribute through a Netflix-like service?

New publishing services may do for books what Netflix does for movies:  allow readers e-book or pdf access to a catalogue of books for a subscription fee, and sometimes send authors or publishers feedback on which sections of a book were actually read or loaded.  The New York Times has a story by David Streitfeld Christmas Day, “As new services track habits, the e-books are reading you”, link here

Self-publishers, the article says, will love this.  Something like Urchin statistics or Google Analytics on e-books!
It’s always been assumed that when you publish a book through public distribution companies, you have no right to know who bought or read it.  Advertisers, though, seem to want authors, on both the web and in print, to know their audiences.

Smashwords looks like an interesting service and I’ll probably get into it later on my Books blog.  

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