Thursday, December 05, 2013

Case of Washington DC cop pimping with backpage might put more pressure on Section 230

An incident with an apparently bad cop in Washington DC has probably put a little more future on Congress to pay attention to the proposal of state attorneys general to exempt state criminal laws from the downstream liability exemptions provided by Section 230.  Of course, Washington DC law is essentially “federal law” and is prosecuted by United States attorneys, rather than county DA’s as in “real life”. 
A copy was apparently helping run prostitution ring or pimping girls from his SE Washington DC apartment.  WJLA reports he was using “” for ads, and Backpage is one of the sites that many DA’s claims hides unfairly under Section 230. 
If the girls were not of legal age, however, there might be other ways to involve a web operator in prosecution, particularly if the operator knew they were underage.
ABC Affiliate WJLA’s story is here. It just aired on television a few minute ago.
Remember Ashton Kutcher’s campaign. “Real men don’t buy girls” or anyone. 

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