Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Could new California Internet privacy laws affect blogs, small websites?

Politico has a story “California driving Internet privacy policy”, by Michelle Quinn, Oct, 8, 2013, here   Governor Jerry Brown has signed into a law a number of measures, including a requirement that social media sites allow minors a “delete” (really, “erase”, button), a law criminalizing “revenge porn” (and probably knowingly soliciting it from a website), and the ability to respond to user “do not track” requests.

I do wonder if these laws could affect blogs (as on Blogger or Wordpress), or could affect flat sites that don’t allow users to make their own posts.  Could it affect forums?  Could it affect comments made on ordinary flat sites?  How would that interact with Section 230?  Could it affect the tracking of ads?  I presume Blogger and Wordpress would develop methods to deal with these requirements for all users. 

Right now, I don’t have and ads on my flat sites (“”, “”, “”), and I have no tracking software, but I wonder if this law could somehow matter.  Will ISP’s offer anti-tracking?  How will this work?

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